Educational Advancement Foundation

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Erika Everett

Erika Everett, Executive Director

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Andrea Kerr

Andrea Kerr, Program/Scholarship Coordinator

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Antoinette James

Antoinette James, Cash Management Coordinator

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Gregory Williams

Gregory Williams, Membership Coordinator

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Toni Taitt

Toni Taitt, Finance Manager

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2016-2018 Board of Directors & Officers

The Alpha Kappa Alpha Educational Advancement Foundation, Inc. (EAF) is a 501(c)(3) organization, established by Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. The Foundation and the Sorority share officers, elected by membership of the Sorority to serve 4-year terms.

EAF's management consists of the volunteer Board of Directors and a paid professional staff. The board meets twice annually, to shape policy, develop fund-raising strategies and goals and oversee the award- and grant-making processes. Professional staff carries out policies established by the board.

Dorothy Buckhanan Wilson

Dorothy Buckhanan Wilson, President

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Glenda Baskin Glover

Glenda Baskin Glover, First Vice President

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Keniece Gray

Keniece Gray, Second Vice President

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Carolyn House Stewart, Esq.

Carolyn House Stewart, Esq., Third Vice President

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Charletta Wilson Jacks

Charletta Wilson Jacks, Secretary

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Danette Anthony Reed

Danette Anthony Reed, Treasurer

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Nicole Adams

Nicole Adams, At-Large Director

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Emily M. Dickens

Emily M. Dickens, At-Large Director

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Shawn E. Simmons

Shawn E. Simmons, At-Large Director

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Dolores A. Sturdivant

Dolores A. Sturdivant, At-Large Director

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Erika V. Everett

Erika V. Everett, EAF Executive Director

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Cynthia D. Howell

Cynthia D. Howell, AKA Executive Director

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Cora Davis

Cora Davis, Human Resource Chairman

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Francene Botts

Francene Botts, Legal Counsel

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2014-2018 Regional Coordinators

Phyllis L. Jones

Phyllis L. Jones, South Eastern Region

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Nadine Vargas Stewart

Nadine Vargas Stewart, Mid-Atlantic Region

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Tanisha L. Tynes

Tanisha L. Tynes, International Region

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Terri Eason

Terri Eason, Great Lakes Region

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Tresa Dunbar Garrett

Tresa Dunbar Garrett, Central Region

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Lynette P. Henley

Lynette P. Henley, Far Western Region

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Aanje Wilkerson

Aanje Wilkerson, Mid-Western Region

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Deirdre Barrett England

Deirdre Barrett England, South Atlantic Region

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Shari McCoy

Shari McCoy, North Atlantic Region

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Laura L. Martin

Laura L. Martin, South Central Region

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