Educational Advancement Foundation

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is EAF?

The Alpha Kappa Alpha Educational Advancement Foundation or EAF is the philanthropic arm of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. EAF is a 501(c) 3 entity whose mission is to support lifelong learning by providing scholarships, fellowships, and community grants.

Who are its members?

Membership is comprised of individuals who are members of Alpha Kappa Sorority, Inc. Each person pays an annual $10 membership fee.

When was EAF founded and why?

The Alpha Kappa Alpha Educational Advancement Foundation was founded in 1980 by Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. Creating the Educational Advancement Foundation was the method by which Alpha Kappa Alpha, Inc. sought to ensure that there would always be support for education, its oldest program of service.

How can I be an EAF champion?

An EAF Champion is anyone who supports the Foundation through fundraising and active participation in its programs and initiatives. Every time you purchase a ticket to an EAF breakfast or luncheon, buy an EAF scarf or bracelet – you are helping us reach our goals. Encouraging students and organizations to apply for our scholarships, fellowships and community assistance grants is another step toward helping us to continue our mission of supporting lifelong learning.

How can individuals give?

There are a number of giving levels where individuals can receive recognition annually. Recognition levels range from $150 to $10,000. Individual recognition level summary can be found at the “Donate Now” tab of the website and is also available from your EAF Captain.

What are the levels of chapter recognition?

Chapter recognition levels are: Silver, Gold and Platinum. To be a 100%, chapters must at least achieve Silver status. That is, every member has paid their $10 membership fee and the chapter makes a donation based on chapter size. Gold status requires an additional $500 contribution above the Silver Level. To achieve Platinum, chapters make an additional $1,000 contribution above the Gold Level.

How do I apply for scholarships, fellowships, and grants?

Eligibility information can be found on our website at Deadline for applications are: Undergraduate students – April 15th, Graduate students – August 15th, Community assistance grants – August 15th, and Endowed scholarships – rolling deadline. These are open to everyone (international students welcome) who fits the criteria and eligibility, including members of Alpha Kappa Alpha and their dependents. Youth Partners Accessing Capital (Youth P.A.C.) awards are open to undergraduate members of Alpha Kappa Alpha who are at least a sophomore, have a 3.0 GPA or better, and exemplify leadership and volunteer service. These applications are due April 15th.

What impact has EAF made?

In 2016, EAF distributed over $500,000 in scholarships, fellowships, Youth P.A.C. grants, and community assistance awards. Nearly 300 undergraduates and graduates attending colleges and universities, including HBCUs benefited from these awards. In addition to these students, community organizations received needed funding to initiate or support ongoing programs that benefit the communities where members live and work. Members of Alpha Kappa Alpha also benefit from the Foundation’s Youth P.A.C. awards as well as the general scholarships, fellowships, and grants offered.

Are males eligible for EAF scholarships?

Yes. We support students without regard to sex, race, creed, color, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation or disability.

How can official transcripts be “official” if the seal is broken?

Request your official transcripts from your registrar’s office. These documents should have a signature, seal, or other notations authenticating these as being “official” documents. When you receive your copy open the envelope and scan the documents then upload the transcript(s) into your application in the required fields. This is the method in which we accept official transcripts.

My endowment is capitalized, can I use the entire $20,000 to give out awards?

No, you can only give awards from the previous year interest.

My chapter is doing a fundraiser; can I use the EAF. logo?

All logo requests need to be made to the EAF Executive Director.

What form do I need to fill out to grant a student an award from my endowment?

You must fill out a check request form and submit it back to EAF for distribution.

Is there a form that can be used to send in payments to an endowment?

You can use the “Individual Contribution Form”. Check the Other box and write in the name of the endowment you are making the contribution to. Also, the memo area on your check can be used.

What is the Postmark Date that must be on the mailed envelope for Chapters sending in their chapter contributions to be recognized at their Regional Conferences?

February 1st of every year.

When donors use checks to send in donations, who should they make the check out to?

All checks should be made out to the: Educational Advancement Foundation, Inc. or just use the initials EAF

What is the mailing address for EAF?

The Corporate Office address:
Alpha Kappa Alpha Educational Advancement Foundation, Inc.
5656 S. Stony Island Avenue - 3rd Floor
Chicago, IL 60637